TCM American Alumni Association(TCMAAA)

2015 Annual academic conference series II

"International naturopathic technical features Inheritance and Development Conference" Second Round Announcement

In order to further strengthen academic exchanges between the two countries in medicine, TCM American Alumni Association and the Chinese Medical Association jointly organized the International Department of the Year 2015 TCMAAA academic conference section II - "international technical features natural therapies Heritage and Development Conference. " Co-organized by the North American Alumni Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and NYCTCM.

The conference is scheduled tat NYCTCM(Long Island), November 22, 2015 (Sunday). Welcome all to the conference. (Due to time restriction, the meeting does not provide continuing education credits).

The conference theme is Chinese medicine, acupuncture, qigong, external treatment and other natural therapies heritage and transnational international cooperation . In addition to more conventional forms of communication, the conference will focus on the diagnosis and treatment of difficult diseases from Chinese medicine experts; technique demonstrations, as well as acupuncture, orthopedic, technical exchanges and other external special characteristic clinical practical skills. Specific schedule will notice further.

1. The registration deadline is extended to 11.9.2015

2. Conference fee $ 80 ( on November 9 for registration $ 65 per person ); students ( student ID required ) $ 50 per person. participants accommodation themselves

3. If you are in United States, [ please register here ]

And, make payment here:

practitioner or student

Conference Address: NYCTCM : 200 old country road # 410 Mineola, NY 11501


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